“Look up into the sky and one can observe countless stars in the night sky. It is said that it all started with the big bang. It is not a new concept that there could be life on other planets, but what if I tell you that it has been…

Google’s apps crash in a worldwide outage

Google’s apps crash in a worldwide outage

As the world moves to work from home due to the massive pandemic spread across the globe. On the day of December 14, 2020 Google applications suddenly went dark. Services including Google Search, Drive, Gmail, Meet, Home and various other platforms offered by the tech giant went offline. The outage…

The new era of training Machine Learning model with on-device capability. In this tutorial I will be using PyTorch and PySyft to train a Deep Learning neural network using federated approach.

Introduction to Federated Learning

What is Federated Learning?

Federated Learning is a distributed machine learning approach which enables model training on a large corpus of decentralised data. Federated Learning enables mobile phones to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model while keeping all the training data on device, decoupling the ability to do machine learning from the need to…

The journey to the world’s biggest challenge considered to be as the “Olympics of Technology” by Microsoft

This is a story based on true incidence about a journey of three engineering students from Vellore Institute of Technology, India in the world’s biggest engineering challenges hosted by Microsoft named by the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019

Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which…

The world is growing at a faster pace. The increasing reliance on cyber infrastructure by governments, industries, and economies makes them more vulnerable and increases the chances for cyber attacks.

Machine Learning in Cognitive Science and application in Cyber Security

In their most disruptive form, cyber-attacks target the enterprise, military, government, or other infrastructural resources of nations and their citizens.

Saransh Mittal

Winner @Ivyhacks 2020 | Finalist @Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia 2019, @Hackharvard 2018 | Facebook F8 2019 | saransh.xyz

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